Hiya, you talented, hardworking superhuman!

Let me introduce myself to you.


I am Priya. I write. About art, mental health, and marketing, and sometimes for my clients, about IT, finance, HR, food, and entertainment. When I'm sad, I dabble in poetry.


I love making art. Sometimes in my sketchbook. Sometimes digitally.

I teach. English Literature and Media Studies. Kazuo Ishiguro and Mahesh Dattani have my heart.

Occasionally, when I don't mind lifting my arse off the chair, I step outside with my pretty expensive camera and take some pretty decent photos.

I love getting myself tattoos, piercings, and a haircut every now and then.

I like to cuddle. My daughters (I have two), my hubby, and my dogs (I have four), not necessarily in the same order.

I love tea. A lot.

I swear. Too many f****ing times, but never when I write (except just now).

I do have social media accounts, but I like to forge meaningful friendships here on my own website.

If you'd like to be my email penpal, feel free to say hi.