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You're a solo creative entrepreneur, wearing many hats in your professional and personal life. You're often overwhelmed and burned out.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place, my friend.


You got this!


Hiya, you talented, hardworking superhuman!

Let me introduce myself to you.


I am Priya. I write. About art, mental health, and marketing, and sometimes for my clients, about IT, finance, HR, food, and entertainment. When I'm sad, I dabble in poetry.


I love making art. Sometimes in my sketchbook. Sometimes digitally.

I teach. English Literature and Media Studies. Kazuo Ishiguro and Mahesh Dattani have my heart.

Occasionally, when I don't mind lifting my arse off the chair, I step outside with my pretty expensive camera and take some pretty decent photos.

I love getting myself tattoos, piercings, and a haircut every now and then.

I like to cuddle. My daughters (I have two), my hubby, and my dogs (I have three), not necessarily in the same order.

I love tea. A lot.

I swear. Too many f****ing times, but never when I write (except just now).

I do have social media accounts, but I like to forge meaningful friendships here on my own website.

If you'd like to be my email penpal, feel free to say hi.

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