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Brainstorming and making lists needn't be boring anymore! Have fun putting your thoughts onto paper with this cute printable memo pad.


Illustrated by Priyadarshini Das Sharma.


What’s included?


  • Illustrated printable memo pad template formatted for A4 size
  • Goes well with the Jellyhop and Squishy Printable Planner Set

Jellyhop & Squishy Printable Memo Pad

SKU: DPL0004
  • To assemble your memo pad:

    - print the page a few times depending on the number of pages you want the pad to be

    - cut all the squares with scissor or paper guillotine

    - align them on the upper side

    - block all the squares together with paper clips

    - put a couple of thin layers of craft glue on the upper side with a brush and let it dry after each coat

    - remove the paper clips and enjoy your new memo pad

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